Daily Video Diary

video diary

This is the daily video diary. You can save your daily activity or memories here. This is really a great app for memorize your memory

Doctor Chamber Management system

This is a Doctor Chamber Management system where a doctor make prescription digitally. Automated system to write prescription no need to hand writing no risk of changing medicine for bad handwriting. Very easy to manage Doctors bill, Checking previous history of medicine, symptom etc.

Languafina Learning Management System

This is a web app of learning Management system. There are three collaborator, Student, Instructor and Admin. Any student can buy their desired course like IELTS, GRE, TOFEL etc. An instructor will be assign with a course with their scheduled time. They can take class using zoom app. After the end of class they will…

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Jai Odisha NGO

The idea was to create a talent pool of diverse talents which could then be used to serve the society. Since then the movement has gathered steam with youngsters from all walks of life and have been serving people all around Odisha, specifically in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri.

Odisha-Mo Parivar

This is a govt project of Odisha, India. Odisha-Mo Parivar is completely apolitical in nature and is tailored specifically for social service and public welfare.

Support Ticket Management

This is support ticket system, where customer/user can create a ticket for product problem, refund, shipping problem anything according to the category. Admin can create create category according to his business. This is very exciting software where user can immediate chat with admin or company agents. This can help both company and customers

Smart Skog

Smart Skog is forest management software. Where we are using live map of tree plantation, cutting, selling, contracting together by seller and buyer.